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01 September 2008 @ 08:51 am
i'm still on my hiatus - i swear - but it lasts 'til the end of next week. (:

but since prison break: season 4 is starting up in, erm, LESS THAN 12 HOURS (insert "extremely childishly girly squeal " here), i thought we needed (or me, if i'm the only prison break fan here...) a little revival of the "michael and sara" magic, 'cause apparently her head is no longer stuck on a stick outside of someone's home...

so enjoy this ridiculously tiny batch, dedicated to all MiSa fans out there who know that season four probably means that there could be wedding bells ringing somewhere down in the future...

[1-2] Sarah Wayne Callies
[3-11] Prison Break
1 USERINFO banner [MiSa]


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- last but not least - enjoy!


NOTE: this is cross-posted to pbreak_icons , so there will be some repeats from past entries.
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